A psychological thriller following psychiatrist Ed Baxter on his journey towards schizophrenia as episodes of hallucinations and paranoia complicate his life.

This story is a dual narrative psychological thriller. The first narrative is about Ed Baxter, a psychiatrist who helps all his patients, but is a mess himself. Ed is paranoid about his colleagues, his patients, and his family especially his sister. He hides everything from his wife, Sally, but she finds about all his erratic behavior and helps him but in the end he alienates her too.He suffers from classic case of Paranoid Personality Disorder. He loses his job, is in financial distress and loses his wife. He constantly hallucinates, becomes suicidal and goes on a rampage to kill his wife, his sister and finally kills himself by jumping off a bridge. At this point the narrative shifts to exploring “What-If” Ed got the necessary help and we discover the dark secrets from his childhood that caused him to develop Paranoid Personality Disorder.

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Hari Mahesh – Writer-Director
Hari Mahesh Hari has directed three feature films. WHAT IF, LOVE and CULT. WHAT IF is his latest film. CULT and LOVE were showcased at the New York Independent Film and Video Festivals. LOVE is distributed through Netflix in the U.S. Hari was commended by the Mayor of San Jose, California for the film LOVE. He has written three screenplays. What-If, Shanti and Bitter Root. Bitter Root is currently in development. www.smeraproductions.com
Ballu Saluja – Oscar Nominated Editor
Ballu is an editor from Bollywood. He has edited 24 Bollywood films of which LAGAAN was nominated for the Oscars in 2002. Other films include Swades, Jodha Akbar, Pinjaar etc. Ballu Saluja – Oscar Nominated Editor
Mano Murthy – Composer
Mano Murthy – Composer Mano has composed for 28 Bollywood films of which he has received Indian National awards for best composer 22 times. www.manomurthy.com
Jim Cummings – Cinematographer
Jim shot 3 Nadia Ali music videos and was the cinematographer for the 3D movie The Flamingo. www.sanfrancisco3dfilms.com Jim Cummings


Raymond Duval
Raymond Duval Classically trained in theatre, Raymond comes from a long line of performing artists, dating back to the turn of the last century, including circus performers and trapeze artists as well as stage actors and actresses. For his stage work, Raymond has been nominated for San Francisco bay area theatre awards such as the Shellie and the Arty. On film, Raymond has been involved in Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine“, Roaring Mouse’s “Tick Tock Boom Clap” and numerous short films.
Heather Gilliland
Ms Gilliland worked in many feature films, short films and commercials. www.heathergilliland.com Heather Gilliland
Nick Corvello
Nick Corvello “Nick Corvello is a San Francisco Bay Area based Actor. His first role was as Noah Ableman in Peter Parnell’s “An Imaginary Life” at Hofstra University’s New College Theater, and his other three roles (at Cañada College in Redwood City, CA) were as the villain Rochefort in a production of The Three Musketeers, Alexandar in Tom Stoppard’s “Every Good Boy Does Favor“, and as Iago in “Othello“. Nick’s first film role was in a short film ‘CSI:Fly‘ by Misfit Moon Productions. Since then, Nick has had several more short film roles, one other feature film role, two commercial roles, and one music video role.
Cameron Stiehl
Cameron attended University of New Mexico, first majoring in Theatre Arts and finally achieving a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education. She moved to San Francisco where she has returned to acting and filmmaking. She has appeared in a number of short films, television commercials, and feature films. Now, she is the creator, executive producer, and host of Happy Hour with Cameron Stiehl, a web-based documentary series highlighting stories of the LGBT community. www.cameronstiehl.com Cameron Stiehl